The Arterialcare product line

The Arterialcare product line covers all fields of hypertension care: from the detection and control incorporates all features of blood pressure management and arterial function stiffness assessment.


Medexpert Arteriograph provides an easy, fast, reliable and user-independent method for measuring a wide range of arterial function and stiffness parameters, so are central blood pressure values, augmentation index and pulse wave velocity, besides peripheral blood pressure values. The newest generation software includes vascular age assessment.

Medexpert Arteriograph 24
is a special combination of a 24hour ABPM and the professional, state-of-the-art arterial stiffness measurement device. This is the solution for 24-hour monitoring of central and peripheral blood pressure values, augmentation index and pulse wave velocity.

Medexpert CBPM24 is a revolutionary new technology in the field of 24h blood pressure monitoring. Invasively validated method that can additionally measure the central systolic blood pressure beyond the traditional parameters of a blood pressure measurement.


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