The Medexpert Arteriograph

The complete arterial function and stiffness assessment has never been so easy. With Arteriograph it is as simple as a blood pressure measurement on the upper arm.

The  knowledge of arterial function ands stiffness parameters has become a key application in diagnostics, risk stratification and also in decisionmaking and checkup of antihypertensive therapy.
The world-wide patented innovative device is the only one that measures all the relevant arterial function and stiffness parameters such as aortic pulse wave velocity (PWVao), augmentation index (Aix, both central and brachial) and central blood pressure values simultaneously with the peripheral blood pressure. Arteriograph provides a really fast, accurate and user-independent method.



  • Easy as an oscillometric blood pressure measurement
  • Fast as it takes only 2 minutes, including patient data input
  • User independent as it is fully automatic; the users only have to launch the measurement.
  • Excellent reproducibility as it is proved to be superior to the reproducibility of other available methods
  • Low variance as it is proved to be the lowest among non-invasive arterial function assessing methods. (Variance is the estimate of measurement errors for the repeat measurements within one session.)
  • Outstanding cost-benefit ratio among clinically accepted devices.
  • Validatied to invasive and non-invasive measurements.


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