The Medexpert Arteriograph24

This is the only and validated method for the 24h monitoring of all parameters of arterial function and stiffness that has not been available previously.

Beyond the traditional blood pressure values Arteriograph24 provides aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), Augmentation Index (Aix) and central systolic blood pressure (SBPao) values.
The unique technology makes this device comfortable for the patient by the fast, simoultaneous measurement of the required parameters. Easy to use, easy to understand.

The special combination of a 24hour ABPM and the professional state-of-the-art solution for measuring vascular characteristics, the Arteriograph incorporates all the advantages of the well-known techniques. You can reveal the day and night-time behavior of the peripheral and central hemodynamic behaviour. The measured data can be easily transferred, stored and analyzed on a PC in order to acquire the complete evaluation of arterial health and disease.

Provided Parameters

  • Peripheral (brachial) blood pressure (SBP, DBP, MAP, PP, HR)
  • Central blood pressure (SBPao, PPao)
  • Augmentation index (Aix aortic and  Aix brachial)
  • Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWVao)
  • Return time of aortic pulse wave (RTao)
  • Left ventricle ejection duration (ED)

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  • Special combination of the 24h ABPM and the Arterioghraph
  • Unique technologyfor real-time vascular analysis and day-night profile
  • Comprehensive, providing the most important peripheral and central hemodynamic parameters
  • User-independent, fully automatic
  • easy-to-use and patient-friendly
  • Advanced data transfer via Bluetooth technology
  • Clinically validated device
  • Comfortable use for the patient: lightweight and fast measuring

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