The Medexpert CBPM24

The outstanding and unique technology for the 24h monitoring of central blood pressure is available by now.

The  knowledge of central hemodynamics has become a key application in diagnostics, risk stratification and also in the antihypertensive treatment decisionmaking and checkup. CBPM24 is a revolutionary new device in the field of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, as it provides the full check of variations of day and night central blood pressure profile besides peripheral values.

Parameters provided by CBPM24

  • Aortic systolic blood pressure (SBPao)
  • Aortic pulse pressure (PPao)
  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure (Sys, Dia)
  • Mean arterial pressure (MAP)
  • Pulse pressure (PP)
  • Heart rate (HR)

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What is Aortic systolic blood pressure?
The central systolic blood pressure is the pressure of the aortic root – the initial phase of the aorta.

Why does Aortic systolic blood pressure differ from Peripheral Blood pressure?
There is a significant physiological difference between the central and the traditionally measured blood pressure: physiologically the central value is lower. The reason is the windkessel function: hat the elastic type aorta is more dilatable than the muscular brachial artery. By aging and accumulating risk factors the elasticity of the aorta decreases, this together with the deterioration of vascular function leads to an increased central systolic pressure, which is also facilitated by the increased vascular tone caused by endothelial dysfunction.

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