About PreventionExpert

The PreventionExpert Project offers a solution of a new approach for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of mortality and are responsible for the half of all-cause deaths in all over Europe, so prevention is of high relevance, meaning health awareness, patient education and complete cardiovascular screening together.

The efficiency of prevention is based on the accurate and individual risk assessment, and needs the active cooperation of the patient.

PreventionExpert provides

The widely used traditional risk assesment algorhythms based on statistical data analysis, completed with the science of the last decade: the arterial stiffness and arterial function evaluation, including the measurement of central hemodynamics, endothelial function and pulse wave velocity, and ECG modul fulfills the complete assessment.

The structure and function of arteries change throughout one’s lifetime. Early vascular aging can help the clinicians to determine the increased cardiovascular risk. It can be easily known by this complete set of convenient, cost-effective non-invasive methods, and the early detection of the subclinical cardiovascular disease may alert in a reversible stage, giving the opportunity of effective intervention.

Complexity and easily understandible interpretation are now available with the outstanding system.

The PreventionExpert project includes all devices to determine the risk factors, all united in the risk assessing software. The project includes the training for users and educational materials for your patients.

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