New generation Arteriograph - Upgrade is available

By now, the report with new design including arterial age assessment is available. It goes with the new spheric design - but your infrared device can be renewed as well, after the upgrade its software will have the new features concerning the user interface and the new report as well.

The newest software version of the Arteriograph is available. Version No.

Upgrade yours at Medexpert Ltd.

New report – new features – arterial age assessment

The Arteriograph follows the growing interest in the topic of arterial stiffness.

By 2011, after publishing the most reliable, invasive validation study the product development reached superior level: it gives a nice spheric design and more comfort with the bluetooth communication, and the new processor brings helpful features that make the evaluation complete. The Report appears in a new design, and brings the arterial age assessment. The device can be connected to your practice software by the GDT interface. All patient data can be exported into an excel file for further analyisis.

By now, the report with new design including arterial age assessment is available for your infrared device as well. Your infrared device can be renewed, after the upgrade its software will provide you new features concerning the user interface and the new report as well.

The new features and the numerous patients require different data processing, so the new Arteriograph uses SQL database. Therefore a new processor is needed for the device-PC communication.

The new software provides new settings on the user display and new parameters, arterial age assessment, normalized values and a completely changed pretty new report as well.

No more problems with cuff choosing, after measuring the arm circumference, the program offers you which size to use!

Due to the new data transport the already owned devices cannot be upgraded like previously, only by downloading the software. In order to provide plenty of novelties the upgrade has to be done in a complete way, by changing the processor of the measuring unit, and goving 3 brand new cuffs. The abuse is prevented by a hardware key attached to the new software No.

Installation and use is helped by a guide booklet on the CD but we are always at our customer’s disposal anytime by email, phone or skype connection.

The new software is installed independently to the former TensioClinic software. The already existing data, all measurements of your patients can be copied into the new software’s database and can be displayed on the new screen and report. Please tell us if we can help in copying your data.

For the processor exchange the measuring unit has to be sent to our repairment center.
Delivery address: Medexpert Ltd 1037 Budapest, Torokko u 5-7.
The repairment is ready within 10 days, plus shipping. Please contact us for details.

Why worth it?
The new concept of arterial aging is getting widely known in the scientific field and in the popular media as well, both clinicians and patients get more and more aware of it. You can read more about arterial aging here.

The brand new report is easily understandible for the patient and for the doctor as well. It contains two pages, on the first you can find the brachial blood pressure values and the pulse wave analysis (Aix, SBPao values), ont he second page you can read the aortic pulse wave velocity value and the new concept: the arterial age assessment.

The renewed measuring unit goes with new U-clip cuffs of three different sizes. The program helps the user by choosing the cuff size upon arm circumference. The automatic cuff proposal avoids errors of user dependency, makes the measurement safe and comfortable.

The new SQL database provides novel features, so as:
- systematic patient management and clear user display during and after the measurement
- settings of repeateable measurements
- the very easy export of data into a spreadsheet application
- GDT function, corresponding to your actual patient management program.

The upgrade does not bother your already existing database, all data are transferred to the new program, and are displayed int he new format.

What does it contain, this upgrade?
The upgrade includes a processor exchange and the upgrade of the software as well. You cannot download it only from the internet or a stick, it involves the measuring unit and the software on your PC as well. The processor exchange is provided by Medexpert Ltd, the software upgrade can be managed by you from the CD but you can count on our help as well. The processor exchange is guaranteed by Medexpert Ltd.

Your device can be renewed within 10 days. For details feel free to contact us:   
Tel: +36 1 250 4490

The following parameters are provided
Blood Pressure Measurement
Sys, Dia,
Central Blood Pressures
Sys Ao
Pulse Wave Analysis
Aix brachial and central, both real value and normalized to 75bpm
Arterial Stiffness
Pulse Wave Velocity
Arterial Age Assessment
Cardiac Fitness

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to achieve the newest generation of the original Arteriograph device!